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Investing in the future of our planet - Social Entrepreneurship

A project from Better World Business
in Lamu, Kenya

We support - waste management in local community on the east Africa coast to keep beach and ocean intact, ensuring a stable ecosystem and coexistence between humans and ocean wild life.

Judith Sasse
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About this project

Lamu Island is located at the east coast of Africa - Kenya, blessed with miles long white sandy beaches , rich ocean wildlife and nesting place of endagered sea turtles. Sadly for a few years now it is also the frontier and final resting place of tons of marine litter mainly flushed in from Asia . You probably read a lot about beach cleaning activities, but have you ever wondered what happened with the collected waste ? Most countries impacted by ocean waste have no waste management. Therefore the local community has set up a rubbish collection process on the beach and the village, to collect, sort and burn it. We support these efforts with contributions towards labour costs , specifically ensuring that the team members at the village rubbish collection point are well trained to handle and sort the waste properly before feeding the burner.

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