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Save the steamers!

Dresden, Germany

Save the steamers!

Dresden, Germany

We, the association Weiße Flotte Dresden e.V., are pursuing the goal of making donations able to transfer the fleet currently in bankruptcy from the limited partnership to the public sector and thus preserve it as a cultural asset.

Marion Fiedler from Weiße Flotte Dresden e. V. | 
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About this project

The oldest and largest paddle steamer fleet in the world is in danger!
We want to prevent this! We, the association Weiße Flotte Dresden e. V. and
many like-minded people who support us have the goal of making the
184-year-old fleet of nine historic steamships and two modern saloon ships,
which are currently in bankruptcy, publicly donated and to protect them as a
cultural asset of Saxony.
The paddle steamer fleet belongs to Dresden like the Frauenkirche, Semperoper and

Updated at 22. July 2020