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Reflecting racism in development education (video interviews)

A project from ASA FF e.V.
in Chemnitz, Germany

Through a series of video interviews we would like to open a dialogue on racism-critical educational work in the context of development policy. We focus on the challenges of coming to terms with colonial racist structures.

Sarah Böger
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About this project

In a series of video interviews, we would like to capture perspectives and voices that critically deal with the ASA program, thereby focusing on the content-related debate on development education and democratic participation in the design of the program.

The manifold discussions of the last years shall be documented. At the same time, the focus will be on perspectives that are less present in the public discourse or are only presented in a shortened form. We ask ourselves the following questions:

How do the interviewees view (colonial-)racism-critical work in the context of colonial continuities?

How can education critical of racism be institutionalised in the context of development work?

Which structures do discrimination-sensitive educational work need?

In order to implement this project, we need about 2000 Euros for travel expenses, fees for the interviewees and production costs. Therefore we are dependent on the support of the asa-network and would like to ask you for a crowdfunding contribution.