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Funded Education for orphans in Kenya - despite Corona

Malindi, Kenya

The goal of Zukunftswaisend e.V. is to secure the basic needs of the children of the Heart Children's Home. Education plays a particularly important role, which we want to ensure even in times of Corona.

Timo Weis from Zukunftswaisend e.V. | 
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About this project

After our first successful project - the construction of a chicken farm - we would like to start our second project. 
Due to the current Covid-19 situation the schools in Kenya will probably remain closed until the end of the year. The children in the Heart Children's Home have not been able to attend school for four months. 
Many children are currently in danger of losing their school attendance. Primary school-age children are particularly affected by this and may suffer considerable cuts in their development as a result. 
Zukunftswaisend e.V. wants to engage two teachers in this project, who come to the Heart Children's Home every day, in order to enable the children to receive an education even in the current situation. 
It is planned to organize one teacher for the children of primary school age and one teacher for the children of secondary school age. 
We are also in close contact with Nuru, the director of the home, who has already contacted various teachers and received cost estimates. 
Provision is made for three hours a day for two months. After that, depending on the situation, the project can be extended if necessary. 

Both teachers will be paid 200 Kenyan shillings per hour each. This corresponds to about 1,60€. With three hours of lessons per day the daily costs are about 9,60€. With five days of lessons per week, this is about 48€ per week for both teachers. If the project lasts two months, the total cost is 385€. 

Let us ensure together that the children are supported and receive an education even in these difficult times!