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Wells for drinking water in Zambia

Mfuwe, Zambia

Turn on the tap, fill up your glass, quench your thirst! What is so easy and mindless for us takes hours of travel over many kilometers in Zambia. Having your very own well in the village changes everything!

Simon Werner from One Veedel e. V. | 
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About this project

We, the 11 founders of One Veedel, are all from the region known as the Bergisches Land in Germany – many of us from the town of Overath. In this town, there exists a small organization called the Spirit of Zambia, where a couple, Petra and Manfred, collect money to build wells in Zambia. We believe it is a remarkable idea to construct such wells for drinking water in Africa and we want to help!
But why is a well for drinking water so important, anyways? Most villages in the Mfuwe region of Zambia do not have their own water supply. So, girls of the village often have to walk kilometers in the morning before school to fetch water. In the afternoon, after school, they have to make the trek once again and fetch more water. If a well is built in the village, the children have more time to learn – more time for education!
Spirit of Zambia ensures that wells are built by a local company. The first step is to drill approximately 35 metres into the ground to gain access to clean drinking water. When the water first pours into the well, a great celebration is held in the community. Together, we can have many such celebrations!
Spirit of Zambia has already built 7 wells.
Our donation goal: 6,500 €
For what? For a drinking water wells in a small village in the Mfuwe region in Zambia!
More information about Spirit of Zambia:

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