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Kindergarten of Joy - Tanzania, Mafinga

A project from world's education for kids e.V.
in Iringa, Mafinga, Tanzania

In the Kindergarten of Joy in Mafinga, Tanzania, we support the establishment and expansion of a kindergarten. In addition, we also support the teaching of children aged 2 - 5 years.

Larissa Herberger
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About this project

Albert Kahai, the founder of the Kindergarten of Joy project, comes from Tanzania himself. In 2016 he had the idea to build a kindergarten for children aged 2 to 5 years in Mafinga, the southern highlands of Tanzania. Because the costs of education in Tanzania exclude the poorest children from this. This is not only due to the actual kindergarten fees, but also to additional costs, such as for uniforms. 
The costs also lead to high drop-out rates and absenteeism of the children. Also, the existing infrastructure is often not sufficient for a high-quality education. 
To improve this situation, Albert started the Kindergarten of Joy project. Here he receives our support and can manage and promote the project locally in Tanzania. For this, the constant contact with Anna & Marcel from world's education for kids is very helpful. They are the project sponsors of the Kindergarten and support the project from Germany. In the kindergarten the project is also supported by seven teachers and two drivers, cooks and housekeepers each.
Through early childhood education, we set the course to provide education for about 150 children from "Kleinauf".
Together we have already built 2 classrooms, a kitchen, a toilet house and accommodation for volunteers.
The vision of the Kindergarten of Joy goes far beyond a kindergarten. An educational campus for young and old is to be established, which supports application and problem oriented learning.