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First festival of scenic arts Bertolt Brecht

Managua, Nicaragua

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First festival of scenic arts Bertolt Brecht

Managua, Nicaragua

To support artists in their work during the pandemic of COVID-19, the Nicaraguan participants of the Festival Bertolt Brecht shall receive material kits and masks. Each contribution to the realization of the goal is welcome!

Lavinia Rütten from Ökumenische Partnerschaft Esperanza Nicaragua e.V. | 
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About this project

Festival of scenic arts Bertolt Brecht: a homage

Scene of the event:

Since many years, the German-Nicaraguan Library has turned into a cultural forum which goes far beyond literature, lesson and learning and offers space for festivals, expos, literature circles, concerts and plays.

The festival of scenic arts Bertolt Brecht:

The library spreads the cultural diversity of Nicaragua through social networks to give a voice to artists in times of Corona Virus. This goal shall as well be pursued in the virtual festival of scenic arts Bertolt Brecht from 14th to 16th August of 2020.

Current difficulties of artists in Nicaragua:
Particularly the artists are affected by the pandemic which limits the realization of cultural events and professional conmissions.

Donations required for the library:

The library hopes to promote the labor of artists by the festival. Therefore, it organises the event and provides technical equipment for the digital recording, filming, logistics and a snack

Additionally, it likes to acknowledge the participation of the artists at the festival by distributing

  • certificates of participation
  • nose-and-mouth masks of the festival
  • and material kits according to artistic orientation (e.g. with make-up, circus materials, stationery, books, prevention material against Corona etc.)
to the Nicaraguan participants. In particular, the material kits may cost about 70 euros per unit and help the artists in the realization of their work of which they live. We want to support with regard to the costs of mouth-nose-masks with about 8 euros per unit and the snack and transport of around 23 euros per person, too.

Current difficulties of the German-Nicaraguan Library:

COVID-19 affects the library in the lose of working hours despite the continuing payment of wages, the absence of membrecies and infections within the personnel why it does not have the necessary budget at its disposal to buy material kits etc.

Course of action:

We, Ökumenische Partnerschaft Esperanza Nicaragua e. V., support the library in the planning of the event and the fundraising campaign for the mouse-and-nose masks, material kits, costs of transport and snacks. We will use the donations in accordance with our society's constitution for the described charitable/non-profit purposes.
Updated at 24. July 2020