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Free kitchen - together against hunger on the streets

Köln, Germany

The corona virus pandemic is causing people a lot of trouble. In order to help our fellow community we’ve been distributing warm vegetarian meals, drinks, fruits and sanitary products to those who need them.

Gurlal Singh from Sikhverband Deutschland e.V.
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All of us go through feeling things that we can’t explain or name.
we walk through the streets of Germany focusing on our hectic lives and our daily stresses. Then we see them...they sit by the roadside with their heads bowed down, desperate for help. Some of them with outstretched hands asking for help and some too tired, ashamed or hopeless to try. 

Body and Clothes depict a picture of poverty in this capitalist, image oriented country. The mentality of ignoring them or thinking “Walk away quickly”
“Don’t even look in that direction” has become way too common. 

What would we do as human beings if we would take away the stigma attached to these people and our personal ignorances? It will bring about inner peace and reignite the humanity that was lost beneath the desire to conform to societal pressures. 

I will tell you now what we’re doing on a regular basis: 

At the beginning of March: countless aid facilities are closing across Germany. The corona virus pandemic is causing the great lockdown. This means no food expenses, no emergency sleeping places, no donations by pedestrians and no returnable bottles for approximately 678,000 people in Germany. 
Additionally, no social contact. 

Let us now go back to the point of the needy in our country. Even in an industrialised country like Germany, there is a large number of homeless and needy citizens. The long queues of hundreds of people who line up for a hot meal for hours before the start of the service stress the fact that even in a wealthy country like the Federal Republic of Germany, the needy fellows need a lot more help.

We often tend to disregard psychological problems. Failed marriages lead to single parents, depression, burn out, a bad environment, abuse and mental breakdowns which further lead to homelessness and needy living conditions.

Our aid programme is based on the circa 500 year philosophy of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of the Sikh faith. He introduced the Langar (the largest free kitchen in the world) to fight hunger and emphasise equality amongst all people by eating together and compassionately. 

On 28/11 and 29/11 on the occasion of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 551st birthday, we would like to celebrate this unique free kitchen in a very special way. For the first time we will be offering our free kitchen to our fellow citizens in over 15 cities. With our campaign we also support single parents who cannot find time to cook hot meals, seniors who cannot leave the house, receive lower rates of pensions and people with all kinds of disabilities. 

Our branches:
Frankfurt, Offenbach, Hamburg, Cologne, Essen, Bremen, Regensburg, Munich, Paderborn, Dresden, Hanover, Duisburg, Heidelberg, Ulm, Stuttgart.

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