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Solar Power helps to end female genital mutilation

A project from Mama Afrika e.V.
in Kankan, Guinea

With solar energy we support an education centre against female genital mutilation and at the same time provide electricity for a primary school. In Guinea more than 90% of the women are mutilated, education helps!

Franz Kapnang
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About this project

Dear supporters, 

We, a team of four students from the European School of Economics in Berlin (5th semester) have decided to turn our final project into a project with a purpose. We came across the "Mama Afrika e.V." association, whose goal it is to bring an end to female genital mutilation. We felt the work they do is so essential that we had to find a way of supporting it. 

Since 2014, the association has been operating a kindergarten in the town of Kankan in western Guinea, keeping it affordable even for financially weak families. The kindergarten teachers receive additional training to educate the children professionally about the taboo subject of female circumcision.

After positive experience from running the kindergarten, the association has decided to found a primary school. The construction is financed and has already been started. 

Here we had the idea of setting up a "solar school" on the schoolyard. This is produced by a company in Berlin, solarkiosk solutions GmbH, and generates electricity which the school can also use. 

In addition, mobile phones can be charged there and school supplies such as exercise books, pens etc. can be sold to the pupils, as well as chilled drinks. 

This creates jobs. The proceeds from sales will be used to finance and operate an education centre against female genital mutilation. 

The education centre is sorely needed, as over 90% of women in Guinea are circumcised. 

School education is an effective instrument to overcome female genital mutilation, as it can specifically strengthen the self-confidence of girls so that they can decide freely and, in case of doubt, also oppose their own tradition and circumcision. 

Even a small contribution makes a big impact; together we can do a lot to end female genital mutilation. 

Mama Afrika e.V. is recognised as a non-profit organisation; donations and contributions are tax deductible. If you have any questions about the projects or the association, please feel free to contact us by e-mail, phone or by post , see link below.