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Transport of rescued dogs

Berlin, Germany

For the onward transport from Minden (near Hanover) to Berlin, we need your financial support so that the dogs can arrive safely at the foster homes during their last kilometers.

Nicole Linde from Hunderettung e.V. | 
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About this project

Due to Covid19, there are currently fewer and fewer transport companies that can bring rescued dogs from Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Co. to Germany. Some of them had to shut down their companies or it just no longer pays off for them.

At the moment we can only work with one carrier who cannot drive our dogs to Berlin but only to Minden (near Hanover). Therefore, we need additional transports from Minden to Berlin, which varies in cost depending on the number of dogs.

We need your support for these additional transports so that the furry friends can arrive at their foster homes safe and sound. This helps us a lot and allows for more relaxed planning.
Updated at 06. April 2021