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Funded Transport to foster homes

A project from Hunderettung e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

We'd love your help to get the dogs to foster homes as quickly as possible, which will significantly increase their chances to find their Forever Home.

Nicole Linde
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About this project

It's unfortunately very common for foreign shelters to be overcrowded or underfunded.  New animals often cannot be taken in or treated by a vet.  To help these shelters, we find loving foster families or kennels for our furry friends, bear the cost of surgery, house sick dogs in animal sanctuaries, and hire professional trainers as needed.

There are various costs for the departure of a single animal to the foster home, for example, we would like to provide a safety harness and GPS tracker for each foster dog so that they can safely discover their new surroundings.

We'd love your help to provide a bright future for many more of our furry friends.

Your Hunderettung e.V. team