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Nyota e.V. Day Care Centre in West Kenya

Lwala, Sare Awendo, Kenya

The day care centre accommodates orphans aged 3 to 6. There the children are being taught in Kiswahili, a language that is obligatory in primary school.

Alexander K. from Nyota e.V. - für Kinder in Afrika
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The day care centre in Lwala, West Kenya, accommodates children. Furthermore it serves as teaching facility where children aged 3 to 6 years are being taught in Kiswahili in order to prepare them for attending primary school. As the official teaching language, Kiswahili is obligatory from day one. The children who previously just spoke the language of their respective villages have to learn this language as a prerequisite for primary school. The Needs: We organise sponsorships for the adoption of orphans from Lwala and the region surrounding it. Many children exclusively speak the language Luo. The centre was built in order to give them the opportunity to benefit from education and to enable them a better future. The official start took place in middle of 2008: since then, language courses that aim to prepare the children for primary school should take place. Successively, school sponsorships should allow the orphans to attend classes. Our main focus is to take in those children whose care persons can’t pay the costs all by themselves. The construction works have almost been completed. In summer of 2008 we installed a solar plant to secure the energy needs of the day care centre. At present funding is needed for furnishing our class rooms. In the future we will use these rooms for professional trainings and courses. The day care centre has four class rooms, one office, one teachers’ room, a small library, a dining room, a kitchen and sanitary facilities. The water supply is guaranteed through a fountain that we built ourselves. The centre will accommodate up to 40 children. Up until now, 60.000 Euro have been donated and invested in the project. The construction started in the middle of 2005.