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New metal fencing piste for our small and big fencers

A project from Frankfurter Turnverein 1860 - Fechtabteilung
in Frankfurt, Germany

In order to give our small and big fencers the best conditions to train for competitions, we would like to install a third metal fencing piste in our fencing hall.

Nadine Giannolo
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About this project

Frankfurter Turnverein 1860 is a sports association with various divisions located in the heart of  Frankfurt am Main. 

Our fencing division currently has almost 140 members. 2/3 of them are children and teens. We are no private fencing club, we're there for everyone, especially for children and teenagers of humble background. This also means that in our fencing devision we support children, teens and adults with various kind of health issues. 

Our youngest fencer is only 7 years old, our oldest, active fencer is 80 years old and looking back on 70 years of fencing. 

Every year we organise 2 fencing tournaments:

  • the "Frankfurter Stadtschulmeisterschaft" ("Frankfurt School Championship"), which is a very good occasion for the youngest fencers to get some competition experience;
  • the "FTV-Jugend-Pokal" ("FTV Youth Cup"), in which also international fencers take part every year. 
Furthermore, we are offering a fencing club in co-operation with a nearby highschool, Heinrich-von-Gagern-Gymnasium. This project was initiated a couple of years ago and many of the kids afterwards got members of our fencing division. 

For further information, please visit our website

Fencing (épeé fencing in our case) is the perfect sport for children and teenagers as it trains body and mind at the same time. Amongst others the following skills are trained:

  • coordination
  • agility
  • speed
  • concentration
  • endurance and
  • speed of reaction
Furthermore, fencing trains mental skills such as 

  • courage
  • determination
  • ambition
  • tactics
  • fair play and
  • how to deal with victory and defeat
Last year our 30-year-old fencing hall located at Ravenstein-Zentrum was renovated. The fencing hall was extended, so that the fencing pistes now have the required length for competitions. Furthermore, two metal fencing pistes were installed and now our fencers are able to train under competition conditions.

Due to economic reasons, only 2 metal fencing pistes were installed. However, we need to install a third metal fencing piste, so that at least 6 of our fencers can fence at the same time.  

The installation of the metal fencing piste is mandatory in order to be able to fence under competition conditions as the metal pistes prevent the scoreboard from showing (invalid) hits on the ground. 

This is especially important for our little fencers as they often accidentally hit the ground with the épée and this would score invalid touches. 

As a fencing division run almost exclusively by volunteers - other than the big fencing clubs - we highly depend on donations in order to be able to further develop our favourite projekt - to offer children and teens the best training conditions.

A big thank you to all our supporters!!!