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Klimaschutz Göttingen e.V. - Support climate education!

A project from Klimaschutz Göttingen e.V.
in Göttingen, Germany

To implement change Klimaschutz Göttingen e.V. is providing accessible and understandable information on climate matters.

Dr. Rainer-W. Hoffmann
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About this project

The global fight for climate justice is only won by working together and by helping even the youngest understand what we are fighting for. Only then we will see behavioural changes in society and a conscious and cautious usage of our resources. But this requires information. Information that is often not accessible to everyone or easily understood. Therefore Klimaschutz Göttingen e.V. is trying to change this with creative communication methods:

  • We develop coherent images and graphs 
  • We design and build gaming devices explaining the climate 
  • We generate easy to understand installations e.g. about insulation
  • We directly support the expansion of environmental-friendly technologies and the usage of renewable energies
  • We encourage children and teenagers to express their thoughts about climate change in a creative and constructive way
  • We seek various public places to inspire poeple to protect our climate
Since Klimaschutz Göttingen e.V. was founded in 2005 we were able to realize many projects. But we have a lot more ideas on how to support our region! Help us with your donation!

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