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Call for Donations: AIESEC Global Conferences

Montreal, Canada

AIESEC International in cooperation with AIESEC in Germany release the call to action to delegates of IC and others close to AIESEC to donate in benefit of the organisation of our International Conferences.

Jenny Buckenberger from AIESEC | 
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About this project

if you’ve ever been to an AIESEC conference , especially a global one, you have probably felt that emotion when the opening starts, that evening just outside the plenary talking for hours with someone you have probably just met who lives in a country thousands of miles from yours. You probably remember how it feels like to dance all together with no judgment, but only appreciation in a big celebration of cultures at a Global Village. You have probably thought to yourself, “I am the one who will make it happen because I care for this, and I will fight for this” after an AIESEC Way session. That sugar cube you kept so dearly, that very tight hug before hopping on a bus/ cab/ plane. That “see you soon”  said to someone that feels like family.

The truth is, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely hit AIESEC. So much so that our global conferences are at risk. Yes, our virtual IC seems amazing so far, but can you imagine a world where we can’t afford international conferences to happen physically even if the world goes back to “normal”.

It’s scary. As an entity to say “I will do this, I will host the conference!” without knowing the financial impact it might have on your entity - “what if it’s going to be a disaster and my entity will be so severely hit that we won’t recover?” - these are valid thoughts and fears. This is why AIESEC international wants to make sure that we can give you the assurance of financial stability after hosting a conference, and that can make conferences more and more accessible both for hosting or attending.

This is why we are relying on building up a strong fund available for global conferences.
“Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much!”

Imagine if each IC 2020 donates one single dollar - 1 dollar, and we would be at 13 000 dollars! Insane, right?
That’s the power of our network!

And we are asking you, our network to be with us on this, with the smaller donation you can get, either yourself or someone you know affords it - trust us, little by little, we’ll go far.

And all of those unforgettable moments and emotions felt at a global conference will not be memories of the past, but something we can all look forward to in anticipation for the next IC, the next IPM, the next celebration of youth leadership!

So, what does this mean?

* AIESEC International in cooperation with AIESEC in Germany release the call to action to delegates of IC and others close to AIESEC to donate in benefit of our International Conferences
* Context: Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic found ourselves in the position of needing to reinvent the way in which we fund our conferences. 
* IC is our biggest touchpoint as a global network where not only do we have the possibility to meet and get to know the people in the organisation, 
* As a result of this unforeseeable global event, we ask for your cooperation for us to be able to host these conferences in the future. 
* Our goal for this campaign is to raise 50k CAD (shown here as 32.782€) to be able to continue hosting future international conferences. 
Updated at 06. July 2020