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Closed Support the Climate Camp Chiemsee 2020!

A project from dt. Förderverein globaler grüner Bewegungen e. V.
in Chieming, Germany

The Climate Camp Chiemsee will be a gathering point of the climate justice movement. An open space for networking, learning from each other and living an alternative community together.

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About this project

 What world do we live in? What world do we want to live in? And how do we get there? With these questions in mind, the climate camp Chiemsee is dedicated to a wide variety of forms of resistance and reformation | 
 Climate camp? - What's this?
 The climate camp is a gathering point of the climate justice movement and other movements.
 We don´t have much time to do something about the climate catastrophe. An important part of the climate justice movement are the so-called climate camps, where people network, learn from each other and thus prepare to stop the destruction of the planet. During the camp in which we organize ourselves, we would like to create a space for networking, political education, information, creative action and various forms of action. We are all contributors and can share our skills and knowledge with each other without special experience and free of any structures of power.
 At the Chiemsee climate camp, we would like to seek out, live and establish alternatives to current capitalist society through workshops, skill sharing, open exchange and organization.
 We are planning the Chiemsee climate camp for the end of September 2020 in Chieming near Chiemsee in Bavaria. If the camp cannot yet take place due to the Corona regulations, we plan the whole thing with an alternative date in spring 2021.
 You can find more information about the camp at
 The camp is financed by donations to enable participation in the camp for all people who are interested in climate justice and want to take action. We want to make sure that nobody is excluded for financial reasons.
 COVID-19 not only presents us with unforeseen challenges in terms of a necessary hygiene concept. Due to the exceptional situation, all funding institutions of the past year have paused their funding programs. In addition, we cannot organize solo events like last year.
 Therefore we need your support!
 If you can't support us with money, please share this call for donations!