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We save lives with your donation! New emergency car needed!

Mannheim, Germany

Alarmed by the police: We search, rescue and help people on a voluntary basis and free of charge. To get to the missions we need a new, roadworthy emergency vehicle!

Jessica Spangenmacher from Rettungshundestaffel Mannheim  | 
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About this project

The rescue dog squadron is only used at the request of the police station. It is alerted via the control center (emergency call 112). Teams with people detection dogs (Man Trailer) and / or with area search dogs are used. The activity is exclusively voluntary. We are alerted up to 60 times a year because a person is missing and there is a risk to life and limb. We search, rescue and help people on a voluntary basis and free of charge. In order to get to the missions we need a roadworthy emergency vehicle, in which our dogs have space. Our emergency vehicle is now 23 years old and there are costly repairs to the vehicle and the internal technical equipment, which is why we have to rely on a new emergency car after this long time. We do not need a factory-new emergency vehicle! For the use in our standby we need a newer, used emergency vehicle, which has to be converted for dog transport. After initial research, we anticipate a purchase price of around EUR 30,000 including conversion measures. Every donation helps us a lot! One of the 100,000 people who are reported missing each year will thank you!

Updated at 12. July 2020