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matters for matters - The Movie by our Dance Company: your digital applause

Kassel, Germany

Your digital applause, your virtual recognition: so you, dear analog audience, liked "matters for matters" - please applaud the artists of our movie in this (charitable) way. Thank you!

Bernhard Striegel from Fördergesellschaft Staatstheater Kassel e.V. | 
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About this project

The Fördergesellschaft des Staatstheaters Kassel supported the company johannes wieland during the cinematic realisation of the Choreographic Workshop, which could not be shown live this year.  Six episodes between visual diaries, rhythmic fractures in routines, fightings between dog, cat and careerist or even purple worlds and "Narnia meets the Matrix".

This film will be presented at specific days on the digital stage of the Staatstheater Kassel, titled matters for matters .
We like to continue to support the project and the contributors: by giving our digital audience the opportunity to applaud, encourage, to bestow appreciation.

If we succeed in adressing and affecting you: please help us to generate the "box office" of the real performance, 2 x 99 seats of 10 Euros each. 

In this way we like to continue helping the dancers who leave our company, also the freelancers in video and music, who currently need all support they can get: and also the next Choreographische Werkstatt 20/21, which hopefully can take place on the real stage again. 

Updated at 04. July 2020