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Better Future - Schooling for poor children in Cameroon

Kribi, Cameroon

20 poor children in Kribi go to school only with the help of donations. They live in extremely difficult conditions and receive the chance to a better future.

S. Grimmsmann from Echo Kamerun e.V.
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 20 children in Kribi can go to school only with the help of donations.
Orphans and children with sick or non-available parents have great difficulties. They help around the house, but their own future often does not receive enough attention.
Our partner organisation in Kribi, Echo-Belzig-Kribi, has identified 20 children who have been sent to school and who are now being accompanied throughout their education.
Every year, we receive a report about the past school year and we ask for donations for the coming school year. In August, Echo-Belzig-Kribi organises a ceremony to which the families are invited and where the children receive their new material. The school year in Cameroon always starts in the beginning of September.
As a rule, each child needs 250€ for one school year. This pays:
- Birth certificate (if not existant)
- Enrollment fees
- School material (notebooks, books, pencils, etc.)
- School uniform, gym shoes, rubber boots and rain jacket for rainy days
- School bag