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Funded Help us save the kindergarten Hoppípolla!

A project from Hoppipolla e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Hoppípolla is our dream of a anti-discriminatory gender-sensitive kindergarten in Neukölln. Until the Senate grants us the urgently needed funding, we need your support in order not to lose our beautiful rooms in Neukölln.

R. Riad
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About this project

Hoppípolla is a prejudice-conscious, gender-sensitive kindergarten that is currently being founded and will offer space for about 20 children in Neukölln.
Hoppípolla is particularly meant to be a place that offers  a safer space to Black children and children of Color and in which children can develop independently of their gender identity and clichéd gender roles.
Shortly before the opening, the Berlin Senate froze all funds for the expansion of the daycare center network. This means that Hoppipolla is also on the brink of closing down.

We have already been working towards the opening for 1.5 years and have fulfilled all the requirements of the Kita supervision and the senate administration. For the application of the funding, we made advance payments of over 22,000 euros. The funding office gave us a positive signal, everything was ready to realize our project and start the reconstruction. Already in August Hoppipolla should have been open. But now we had to learn that the Berlin Senate would no longer pay the requested funding, which is necessary for the reconstruction and the opening of our kindergarten.

This has brought us into a serious distress. Without the early approval of the funding, not only will we not be able to open the Kindergarten, but we will also face insolvency and a huge mountain of debt.

The Corona pandemic has once again made it clear how important daycares are for the functioning of society. In view of the several thousand missing daycare places, the Senate cannot afford to completely stop the expansion of daycares. Hoppípolla e.V. is making a contribution to meet this need with an extraordinary, urgently needed concept. We have signed a rental contract for the next 20 years, so that many more families will benefit from the kindergarten.

We have already contacted the responsible politicians and hope for a quick solution, but we are acutely confronted with the problem of having to continue to pay rent and insurance and no longer have the means to raise these ourselves.

We do not want to give up and therefore ask for your financial support so that we do not lose our beautiful and long sought-after rooms.

Help us to save Hoppipolla!

Berlin braucht Hoppípolla!

If surprisingly in the next few days the politicians promise to finance the project or we manage to find subletters, we would like to use the money already collected to pay off a part our debts or donate it to another suitable initiative. But of course we will inform you about that.

here is one of the press reports about us (in german only):
RBB24: Wenn Eltern Kita-Plätze schaffen und sich dabei ruinieren