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Home-Schooling for Orphans in Mitume-Slum/Kenya

A project from Club of Engineers and Friends e.V.
in Mitume bei Kitale, Kenya

A great success. The children from the Tabasamu Children's Home did above average in the first exams. Home schooling is to be continued as homework-support. There is a lot of catching up to do.

Heidi Walter
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About this project

After a lock-down of 10 months, schools in Kenya are open again. During the whole time there was no substitute offer or support of any kind from the schools. The children and young people across the country were completely left to their own devices.

Not so in the Tabasamu-Childrens-Home: The OTEPIC team took care of the well-being and meaningful activities of the orphans in every respect.
Since the beginning of the lockdown, professional teachers have come into the house every day so that school knowledge is not totally neglected.
And that was only possible with your support, dear donors.

In addition, the children have created their own vegetable garden on the orphanage site, have taken care of the chicken rearing, tended the sheep and helped with the maize and vegetable harvest. This is not only a contribution to self-sufficiency, but also sensual and practical learning about permaculture.

Despite the support, now the children and young people have to catch up on a huge amount of subject matter. That is why the teachers' commitment is continued as afternoon homework help.

With 9,00€ you finance a teacher for one day.
With 45,00 € you finance a teacher for one week.
With 225,00€ a teacher can be paid for 25 afternoons.
This means both lessons for the children and livelihood security for the teachers.

Help OTEPIC to continue mastering this challenge.