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Support for individuals families in need in Bremen and the surrounding area

Bremen, Germany

We as the non-profit organization Gameover für Langeweile e.V. would be grateful for your help to help support families and individuals in need of help in Bremen, Germany

Philipp Fuhr from Gameover für Langeweile e.V.
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Hi guys! 

We are a newly founded non-profit organization called Gameover für Langeweile e.V. (which roughy translates to gameover for boredom) from Bremen, Germany. Our organization was founded to complement our leisure club, that is also called Gameover für Langeweile, that has been founded two years ago and currently has more than 350 members. 

During our activities with the leisure club we noticed that if people did not participate in our activities it was often not because they did not want to, but because they did not have the funds to join or because they have some kind of health issue or physical impairment. 
There are many clubs and organizations that try to help children and young adults with the issues already mentioned, but adults are often forgotten. This is the reason we founded the non-profit organization Gameover für Langeweile e.V.. 

Our goal is to raise money for the organization to enable us to: 

  1. (partially) cover entrance fees for our activities, amusement parks and the like
  2. cover the cost of transportation for people with physical disabilities , especially for people have to use a wheelchair
  3. be able to rent premises that are barrier-free accessible, so people can meet free of charge and spend their free time together   
We want to prevent social alienation in a large city like Bremen and to bring people closer together again. We also want to make all people feel welcome in our society, no-one shall feel left alone or left out in our city, but also in general.
Lastly our organization promotes (mental) health, because social contacts promote mental well-being, the reduction of stress and our activies can lead to more excercise outside.

To reach our goals we need you help! We can offer the required work force through volunteers, but we lack the funds to rent premises, cover the costs for transportation or entrance fees and so forth. We are thankful for any donation to help us achieve our goals. Because only together we are strong and together we can tackle the problems of our society.

Thank you for your time, all the best, Gameover für Langeweile e.V.