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Psychosocial Support Worldwide

Berlin, Germany

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Psychosocial Support Worldwide

Berlin, Germany

Our aim is to give anyone in need easy access to professional and confidential psychosocial counseling in their own language. With your donation we can further expand our network of psychosocial counselors worldwide.

Daniel Gerloff from Ipso gGmbH | 
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About this project

For a world with easy access to psychosocial support!

For years, there has been a growing need for psychosocial support worldwide. Poverty, war, displacement, climate change, social disruption and currently the Covid-19 pandemic see more and more people struggling with psychological burdens placed on them by psychosocial stressors that can amount to existential threats. The demand for counseling far exceeds  available capacities - especially in developing countries and troubled regions with overburdened health care systems.

At IPSO - International Psychosocial Organisation, we have years of experience in offering easily accessible and confidential psychosocial counseling worldwide. Psychosocial Counselors trained by IPSO in culturally sensitive Value Based Counseling support people all over the world – based on empathy, at eye level and in the native language of their clients.

Our counseling service free of charge is offered in more than 20 languages, both face-to-face and as online counseling on our confidential video platforms and (Afghanistan). Most clients report a significant increase in their psychological well-being after a few sessions, and studies have proven the effectiveness of our approach.

In Afghanistan, our counseling is available nationwide in Dari and Pashto both online and face-to-face. In Germany, we have  trained mainly migrants, most of them refugees, from a wide range of countries as counselors, many of whom are now employed at our IPSO Care Centers in Berlin, Erfurt and Hamburg to serve clients in Germany, Europe and beyond. Our projects have changed the lives not only of clients but also of counselors who enjoy investing their talents and skills in a worthy cause.  In the context of further projects, we support people across the world, for example in Ukraine, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

With your donation we will be able to expand our network of psychosocial counselors worldwide further, to fund more projects in troubled regions and to improve psychosocial services in many countries of the world. With just 50 EUR you can fund a counseling session for  someone in need. Every euro helps.

Your support would be much appreciated!

„I’d never thought that making some small changes could have such a big impact on my entire life.” IPSO client
Updated at 01. July 2020