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Kinderheirat verhindern in Burkina Faso

A project from Plan International Deutschland e.V.
in Sanmatenga, Burkina Faso

Mit diesem Projekt schützen wir Kinder und besonders Mädchen in Burkina Faso vor der Frühverheiratung und ihren schlimmen Folgen. So haben sie die Chance, selbstbestimmte Entscheidungen über ihre Zukunft zu treffen. Helfen Sie jetzt!

S. Mangelsdorff
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In Burkina Faso, over half of the girls marry before they are 18 years old. 
However, early marriage has serious consequences for the girls concerned. These include dropping out of school, early and risky pregnancies and a higher probability of domestic violence and poverty.

With this project we want to protect children and especially girls in Burkina Faso from early marriage. To this end, we empower children and young people so that they can exercise their rights and make self-determined decisions about their future.

Our measures at a glance:
  • Working for children's rights
  • Strengthening sexual health and rights and providing information
  • Better child protection structures in the communities
  • Income generating measures for young people
In ten provinces in the regions of Central-East, Central-North and South-West, around 517,000 girls and boys between the ages of 10 and 24 benefit from the project measures.

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