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SOS Brasil: Prospects shouldn't be a privilege

A project from Lar São Judas Tadeu
in Pindamonhangaba, Brazil

300 children to whom we give a perspective. But soon we won't be able to afford it anymore.

Roman Hipp
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About this project


I received a call for help from an institution I got to know and appreciate during a voluntary social internship.

"300 children - 300 lives we are responsible for. 
Education, warm meals, a safe haven: We offer children from difficult social backgrounds a perspective.
But soon we will no longer be able to afford this.

On April 13, 2020 we had to take out a loan for the equivalent of €4000 to ensure food and day care for the children.
In less than a month we are threatened with insolvency. 
Without your donation, their future is: drugs, poverty, violence.

Who are we? Lar São Judas Tadeu is a refuge for poor and orphaned children in Pindamonhangaba in the Brazilian state of São Paulo since 1947. We are a partner institution of the German Province of the Order of the Poor Brothers of Saint Francis from Aachen.

We spend almost R$ 25000 (more than 4000 €) per month for the operation of our
day care center and Corona aid packages. Our only sources of income are public events, all of which have been cancelled due to the Corona crisis. Only through loans, which will soon be exhausted, we have been able to be there for the
children so far. Now we need you!

What happens with your donation? 100% of this money will be used to put together Corona relief packages.

A Corona relief package contains:

Food: 5kg rice, 5kg beans, 1kg wheat flour, 1kg sugar, 900ml soya oil, 500g cassava flour, 500g corn flour, 500g noodles, 140g tomato soup, 60g muesli
Hygiene articles: 2 face masks, 200g soap, 70g toothpaste
Clothing: according to personal needs

Transparency is important to us. Every week we will publish a list of income and expenditure under "News". On request, we will gladly send you receipts for our monthly expenses. Even small donations from you can make a big difference!

More information about our organisation and contact details can be found here:
Facebook: "

São Paulo is the Brazilian state most affected by the corona pandemic. Brazil has 1,545,458 (as of 04.07.20) confirmed cases, one Brazilian dies every minute, the number of unreported cases is high. 

12,50 € provide 1 children for one month with these urgent aid packages. In other words: 1 month Netflix ≙ 1 sated children