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Skill-School in Janjanbureh/Gambia

A project from Mbe Gambia makoila - wir helfen Gambia e. V.
in Janjanbureh, Gambia

We give young people in the Gambia a future - wir create skills

Andrea Sprengart
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About this project

Through our initiative, a group of young apprentices are now on the way to be qualified workers, and now we want to go a step further and set up our own skill school (Vocational Training School). 

The municipality of Janjanbureh / Gambia has provided us with a building for this purpose, however, it needs repairs. The building is close to local schools and our teachers that have good contacts with said schools. In our Skill School we could simultaneously offer 36 young people qualified training with a degree after successful completion.


As the establishment of economic structures through electrification and tourism is developing, we have decided to focus on studying electronic as well as hardware /software fields as a promising profession for the region. In the long term, this creates a value chain and the possibility of faster integration into the future job market. If you give for us, you will support a vibrant market development by Gambian specialists - the Gambia of the future.