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Bamboo school project in Serrakunda e.V.

A project from Bamboo- Schulprojekt in Serrakunda e.V.
in Alfter, Germany

Based on global responsibility, we would like to make a small contribution to achieving sustainable development goals, in particular inclusive, high-quality education and health care for children in The Gambia.

Eva Sagrodnik
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About this project

How it all started. It all started in spring 2019. I always felt my great desire for change and for a more just and solidary world. On the streets of Serrakunda I found many small impoverished children who had no chance of a better future. From there I knew that my heart was burning for these children. After my return we got together in Bornheim and "Bamboo school project in Serrakunda e.V." founded. Together with our partners in The Gambia, our association is particularly committed to the education and health care of children. We lay the foundation for future development opportunities and a better world. It is important to us that girls in particular can attend school. At the same time, attending school enables parents to participate in social and economic life. This is important to us: Listen instead of patronize- The people we want to help know what they need. That is why we listen carefully and include them in all planning right from the start. Self-help instead of dependency - Our help should be dispensable. That is why we rely on education and training. People are empowered to help themselves. Sustainability instead of alms- we want to create lasting values. That is why we work with local organizations, set up working groups and train them for their tasks. This is how we create lasting structures. We are happy and thank you for your support in promoting cooperation in the field of development aid. Your financial aid is earmarked and is used one hundred percent for the construction of the school building, the necessary infrastructure and health center. An important milestone of the project is the purchase of the property of approx. 4,000 m² in Serrakunda, a western location in The Gambia.