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Promotion4Talents e.V.

A project from Promotion4Talents e.V.
in Saarbrücken, Germany

We are a registrated association of hobby musicians and counselors, which want to help music fans having a low budget to promote their talents with lessons and advises. So they can perform in casting shows like "Voice of Germany" or pursue own paths.

Klaus Weber
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We are a registrated association (with own clubhouse and practice rooms) and we consist of members who are hobby musicians and counselors, whose mission is to help young and older fans of music who have just a low budget to realize their dreams. It doesn't matter whether their aim is to perform in any casting shows or only to be present in their hood or in social media.

To reach these aims we walk on modern ways and we use some musical effects and tricks to push their songs. We also give modern advises in fashion look and performance for casting shows, music videos, concerts and interviews, because we really want to shake up the music scene in europe.

Underground bands, street and garage musicians have the option to give a concert on stage in our clubhouse, after a rehearsal. We organize printing of flyers and posters and announce these concerts in facebook and other social media. As an association we don't pay any gage, but we participate the artists on the donations of the visitors and on the drinks sales.

This year, we also want to build an amateur recording studio for talents and street musicians. They can record their music to cheaper conditions together with the sound engineers of our association. For a small donation we will upload their songs and music videos on platforms like Soundcloud, Myspace or Youtube.

Futhermore, talents and street musicians can receive lessons from music students and hobby musicians of our association at fair and affordable fees to promote their talents.