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The Kreuzberg Basketball Beats (ISS Berlin e.V.)

A project from ISS Berlin e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

The Kreuzberg Basketball Beats (ISS Berlin e.V.) is a community centered basketball project for kids and youth in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg.

Katrin K.
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About this project

The World around you! Giving children the opportunity to be part of something special is one driving motivation for initiating and establishing this program. Their interests are rarely heard and input appreciated. Believing that the well being of children and youth is just as essential to society’s future as to their everyday live in coping with daily challenges such as discrimination, poverty or violence, we want to provide them with a space where they can have fun, their interests and concerns be heard and later on take over responsibilities according to their own interests. Besides playing Basketball in the league this can grow into a community centric project, bringing not only the kids together but also involving the parents and peers beyond cultural and social borders as well as reaching out to other communities in the world facing similar challenges.

The Community: Kreuzberg 36 - The project is embedded in a very diverse and young population setting. The gymnasium we practice at is located in one of 33 so called Quartiersmanagement areas of Berlin (Gebiete mit besonderem Entwicklungsbedarf), which are in need for financial and organizational support in order to sustain a liveable environment, reduce social inequalities and empower the people living there.

Social interaction through sports and physical activity in a collective setting is strengthening mutual understanding and trust. The uplifting experience of being part of something special and playing in a team is providing for growing self esteem and strengthening character. Considering and shaping the context, we are seeking to promote and develop essential values such as fair play and respect as well as skills in critical thinking, problem solving and taking initiative.

Including those children in a socially diverse setting, giving room for dialogue and the kids’ concerns they gain confidence, become aware of cultural differences, see and develop different ways of approaching situations and challenges.

Basketball: About 50 Kids in the age between 5 and 17 years old are part of the beats, and the interest is growing. We offer practice five times a week, the kids can come any day of the week they want and have time for. They play in five teams: U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18 and are rather successful. The older players will become coaches and referees since they have a lot of fun helping out and being there for the little ones. Everybody is part of the Beats Community...