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Education, sports and fun for children in Bolivia

A project from Aquisito e.V.
in Cochabamba, Bolivia

In einer der ärmsten Regionen der Stadt Cochabamba wurde das Tageszentrum CADSE gegründet, um Kindern trotz der schlechten Verhältnisse eine Zukunft zu schenken.

Antonia Tröll
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About this project

Ushpa Ushpa is one of the poorest districts of the Bolivian metropolis Cochabamba. Adults work here from dawn until late at night and therefore have little time for their children. In this environment, local educators and social workers founded the daycare facility "CADSE". Their aim is to achieve equal opportunities in education for the children of the region as well as to create a safe place to grow up. With volunteers from Ushpa Ushpa they provide homework help, sports lessons, English lessons and much more. Many children can only laugh and play carefree here and are happy about the many creative ideas every day.  

We are the German association Aquisito e.V., which wants to continue to offer the children free participation in all activities. With the help of donations we finance electricity, water, materials, games and much more.  

Help us shape the future of tomorrow and support the children of Ushpa Ushpa with a donation.