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Support of NYODA Initiatives

Korogocho, Kenya

NYODA Initiatives is a community-based organisation based in Korogocho, Kenia. The aim is to support them in the reorganisation and rebuilding of the organisation's building after it was demolished due to gentrification measures.

Johanna Vennemann from ELIMU - Bildung in Ostafrika e.V.
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Last September, a group of students of the University of Hanover travelled to Kenya for an impressive field trip. On this extraordinary journey, we got to know Julias Omenda of Nyoda Initiatives in Korogocho. Korogocho is the third biggest slum in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. As in every slum, living conditions are hard, schools and sanitation facilities rare, housings small and there is only little if any employment. For these reasons, it is difficult for the local people to successfully participate in social life. 

Nyoda Initiatives is an organisation that was founded by the local people of Korogocho. It fights for the improvement of the living conditions by providing small-scale initiatives. Additionally, the organisations‘ building serves as a place for education and exchange of experience. Therefore, it significantly contributes to local, self-initiated development programs. 

However, due to gentrification schemes by a China-based developer, the organisations‘ building has been demolished recently without the consent of either the city council nor the organisation itself. That means that an integral part of Korogocho’s every day life has been destroyed. In collaboration with the German organisation ELIMU- Bildung für Ostafrika e.V. we want to support Julias and his organisation to rebuild their building as fast as possible. We want to make sure that the local population has a contact point again. Spread the word and help – solidarity is important, now more than ever.