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A project from Verein für Buddhismus und Yoga
in Horn-Bad Meinberg, Germany

The association would like to make all Buddhist and Yoga canonical texts available to interested people in a non-sectarian, authentic way and conduct seminars on meditation, yoga and sutra studies.

Volker Köpcke
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About this project

The "Verein für Buddhismus und Yoga" is a religious, non-profit-making association and religious community, whose statutory purpose includes the production, publication and dissemination of the classical Buddhist scriptures of the Indian Palicanon, the Chinese-Japanese Canon (Taishō Shinshū Daizōkyō) and the Tibetan Canon (Kangyur and Tengyur) as well as other commentary literature and the holding of religious lectures, ceremonies and seminars; the acquisition and study of Buddhist, Yoga and comparative religious literature as well as the support of needy and distressed people and animals according to the understanding of a religious Buddhist and Yoga mindset. 
The association and its members do not follow any single, separate, sectarian Buddhist tradition or philosophy, but recognize all canonical Buddhist texts and writings as authentic Buddha-Dhamma/Dharma (Buddha-Vacana) and respect all authentic and serious Buddhist traditions and teachers who are guided in their work by the positive ethical guidelines of the Panca-Sila. 

With your donation, no matter how much you donate, you support the charitable work of the association and the spreading of an unsectarian, authentic Buddhism and Yoga in the West. Thank you very much. Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.

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