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A warm meal for our pupils - Support during and after Corona

Guruve, Zimbabwe

With this project we wish to facilitate a regular school meal for the pupils at the Manyon’onya infant school. Donate and become part of our team!

Magdalene Nickel from Mikana e.V.
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"Mikana" means “Chances” in Shona, the language spoken by 80% of the people in Zimbabwe. Mikana is the perfect word to describe our project – we want to provide children with the education they need for a happy and prosperous life and enable them to recognize and pursue opportunities in their life. 

The project is situated in a remote area about 30 km outside of Guruve, a county capital in the north of Zimbabwe. The villages in that region do not have running water or power and strongly rely on agriculture. Prolonged droughts in recent years destroyed the livelihood of many families and worsened the poverty in a country that has been politically and economically instable for decades. One of the key approaches to battle poverty is education, but even so much as elementary school education is hard to come by in this region. 
The Corona crisis reminds us, how important it is to demonstrate solidarity across national borders. Everyone of us can do so by small actions. 
With the Mikana organisation we attempt to show this solidarity. Starting with the Children, which we believe are the great potential of Zimbabwe. 
A regular school meal is an important step in supporting them. 

One meal for a pupil costs 70 cents. We want to start by offering a daily meal for the months of September-November and January as those are usally the most tough once where the families are most likely to be under the risk of hunger. 

With our strong personal involvements and travels to Zimbabwe we can ensure that all money is invested and put to best use in the project. A close friend of ours is the onsite lead for the project and lives in the village. This truly is a project that is close to our heart and fills our hearts with gratitude and the “Mikana” feeling. 

The Mikana e.V (nonprofit organization) has the following account set up for donations: 
Mikana e.V.  
Sylter Bank
IBAN: DE46 2179 1805 0000 1640 03  

On our webside you can find additional information:

Your donation can make you a part of our team! Together we have the opportunity to support an area that is hoping and ready for help! 

Your Mikana Team