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Closed Syria: Help for war wounded children.

Idlib, Syrian Arab Republic

These children were all seriously injured by fights. Their skin and limbs are deformed by severe burns and scars. They need urgent help. People4people e.V. has taken up this challenge.

Anna D. from people4people e.V. | 
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About this project

War wounded children, that is Fatima, Hussein, Abdullah and Hamman, behind these names are individual fates of children who did not have the luck to grow up in peace. 

These children were all injured by fighting, detonations and the fact that they are living in the middle of a war. Their skin and limbs are deformed by severe burns and scars. They need urgent help. We the people of People4people e.V. have taken up this challenge. Together with Help Dunya e.V. and Kindertränen e.V. we would like to provide medical care for these children in Turkey. For this purpose skin transplantation has to be done and the restoration of the movement functions in fingers or hands has to be taken care of. Disfiguring scars or burn marks are removed from visible parts of the body that cannot be hidden by clothing. 

The costs per child amount to approximately 10,000 to 12,000 Euros. 

With these operations we enable the children to have a painless future, a future without charm through scarring and deformation of skin and body. 
"It is time for Fatima, Hussein, Abdullah and Hamman to believe in their own future. It's time they got their childhood back. It's time they stopped being victims. 

For this we need your support - every cent is a step into the future of these children ...from the heart we say
Updated at 10. April 2021