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Nairobi, Kenya

For only 30 Euros you ensure daily education & nutrition for 1 disadvantaged child for 1 month, help build a home for a family in need and you plant a tree to fight climate change & save biodiversity. Let´s make a difference!

O. von Malm from Start Somewhere gemeinnützige GmbH
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Now you have the opportunity to do great deeds with one holistic package. with only 30 Euro you support the education and nutrition of a disadvantaged child at a school in Kibera slum (Nairobi, Kenya), finance three hollow concrete blocks for a building of a disadvantaged family in Kibera and plant a tree in the Oti region in Central Ghana.

Start Somewhere, Global One and Click A Tree have joined forces in a cooperation for a holistic "Save our planet" approach. They share the vision of a planet worth living on for all our planet´s inhabitants and have been putting all their energy into a sustainable change for the better for years.

Start Somewhere has invented a construction system to change the living conditions of people in informal settlements from the inside. Start Somewhere´s innovative hollow concrete blocks are being produced by local workers in a workshop in the Kibera, Nairobi. In this way jobs are created and housing conditions in the slum will improve through the use of this affordable construction method.

Global One´s Mission is to create transformative conditions to permanently uplift the lives of children living in extreme poverty. Education opportunity, healthy meals, solar energy, clean water, community, and love. They currently run four schools from nursery to high school with more than 700 kids and the first computer center in Kibera, Nairobi.

Click A Tree exists to make sustainability simple. Their weapon of choice are trees. Trees fight climate change, create habitat for endangered animal species and jobs for the local communities who plant and nurse the trees. Click A Tree specializes in exclusively working with full-time local workers to provide stable incomes to families and communities in less fortunate regions of our planet. If you go sustainable, go holistically sustainable.