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Closed Don Bosco Kep (KH) - Distance Learning Equipment in times of COVID-19

Kep, Cambodia

Closed Don Bosco Kep (KH) - Distance Learning Equipment in times of COVID-19

Kep, Cambodia

Please support Don Bosco Kep to continue the important educational work online in times of COVID-19. We look for sponsoring digital equipment for distance learning of 20 students in the current and next school year.

S. Wieland from Smile Cambodia - Hilfe für Kambodscha e.V. | 
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About this project

Who we are and what we do

We at Smile Cambodia support various projects in the field of education and poverty reduction in Cambodia. One of our main goals is to provide educational opportunities for children and young people from the poorest backgrounds. By means of sustainable aid, we want to enable young people to escape the cycle of poverty and contribute to a positive development of Cambodian society.

The project - Distance Learning Equipment in times of COVID-19

As in many other countries, the COVID-19 crisis in Cambodia has meant that public life has had to be severely restricted for weeks. Especially educational institutions are currently closed until further notice.

Don Bosco in Cambodia is also affected by this - an international organisation that  Smile Cambodia has already supported in the past.  The Don Bosco Centre in Kep - run by Father Albeiro Rodas - is our special focus here, as it is located in the very rural and infrastructure-weak south of Cambodia and has a very large catchment area.

Due to COVID-19 the students of Don Bosco Kep were sent home. The aim is to continue the lessons online as far as possible. 320 out of 470 pupils and students continue to learn actively online. However, the lack of equipment for digital learning presents Don Bosco Kep with great challenges. The smartphone is the most important communication hub. However, there is often a lack of money to purchase or recharge smartphones or to set up mobile WLAN connections. Laptops are needed for larger projects. In addition, a digital library shall be set up so that all learning resources are also available online.

What it needs now

In order to keep the studying activities running, we would like to offer scholarships for 20 students for the current and the next school year. The scholarship per student amounts to 250 EURO for this period. Investments in the digital infrastructure will of course continue for further school years.  The goal is to reach a total of 5000 EURO and to transfer the money to Don Bosco. The costs of the transfer to the Cambodian bank account of Don Bosco will be borne by Smile Cambodia.

Further information on the project provided by Don Bosco Kep

Updated at 20. December 2020