Funded Support a Youth Exchange

An aid project by “streetfootballworld” (Stephanie D.) in Berlin, Germany

Stephanie D. (Project Manager)

Stephanie D.

Everyday countless young people wake up to an uncertain future. Faced with daunting challenges—like HIV/AIDS, unemployment, gender discrimination and post-conflict communities—these youth have few opportunities to achieve their full potential.


streetfootballworld’s network members are using the universal passion for football to bring disadvantaged young people into social development programmes ... and keep them there! By collaborating on youth empowerment programmes and a shared development strategy, the network can achieve far more together for the future of its young people, than any one organisation could do alone.


Fundamental to the success of the network are peer-to-peer exchanges, where two young people who have demonstrated leadership in their communities spend one month at their counterpart’s organisation. Along with working side-by-side on everyday activities, the young leader will also work with their host to develop a special project—such as a capacity development workshop or volunteer training—to be implemented at the end of the exchange.


The exchange programme gives young leaders a unique chance to take on responsibility, develop job skills and gain new perspectives—all of which can then be applied to their community development work. Respectively, through the experiences shared by the young leaders, participating network members have the invaluable opportunity to exchange experiences and learn from the expertise of other leading organisations in the field of Development through Football.

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Location: Berlin, Germany

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