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Sustainable garden with young people

Siegen, Germany

A community garden is being built on our own premises, which is to be managed together with children and young people. As a result, we learn a lot about biodiversity, organic farming and sustainable consumption.

Günther Langer from Gemeinn. Weiterbildungsgesellschaft Achenbach mbH | 
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About this project

On the grounds of the "Heimat- und Verschönerungsverein Siegen-Achenbach e. V.", a community garden is being built to be managed together with children and young people. Particular attention should be paid to the interculturality and the intermixing of different social milieus, so that a long-term social effect occurs.

Children and adolescents need experiences in nature in order to open up, understand and shape the world. In urban areas, however, there is less and less natural and open space available to them.

By trying together and exchanging experiences and knowledge, the participants learn a lot about biodiversity (biodiversity), organic farming, the resource cycle, the processing of food and sustainable consumption. In this way we learn - together - with children, adolescents and adults how to produce food locally and create a place of urban life.
Updated at 28. May 2020