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FOOD-SANITATION-KIT for very poor Families in Niger

Maradi, Niger

Food sanitary kit for only 40 euros for very poor families in Niger to help them fight against hunger, malaria and corona. One package contains 50 kg of rice, oil, malnourished powder, mosquito nets, soap, masks etc.

Tanja Isidore-Osterried from Hoffnung für Niger e.V. | 
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About this project

With the FOOD SANITATION KIT we want to help very poor families in Niger in their fight against hunger, malaria (cause of death No. 1) and Covid 19.
With only 40 EURO you help a family over the upcoming 4 month hunger period, as well as in the fight against malaria and corona.
One package contains:
50 kg rice, 3 ltr. Cooking oil, mouringabouillon, malnutrition powder based on moringa for babies (moringa is the most vitamin and nutrient rich plant in the world and is very well absorbed by the body), mosquito nets to protect against malaria, mouth-nose masks and disinfectant liquid soap as well as hand washing devices (in the fight against corona).
Background information: In Niger, the poorest country in the world, malaria is the number one cause of death and affects children under the age of 5 in particular. The rainy season and thus the malaria season starts in June. Vaccination against malaria is not possible. The best protection is mosquito nets. The annual "hunger period" is also coming up, because the stocks from the last harvest in October are used up, food is expensive and it will take a while until to the next harvest (again in October). Due to Corona, local markets have been closed since March 16, and many families, who mainly live from retail, have no income to buy food and mosquito nets, and disinfectant soap against Corona.
Here we would like to help with the FOOD SANITARY KIT.
We operate in the Maradi / Niger region where we run an education and training center for very poor, disadvantaged women. They can do an official 2-year training as a tailor and further training in moringa processing. In addition, we offer a 2-year literacy course and lessons for building a small business.
Through our ministry we come into contact with the poorest of the poor.
Please help us to help! It can save lives!
Updated at 04. June 2020