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Awareness training

A project from Kanya's Chance e.V.
in Anand, India

Apart from providing schoolgirls with sanitary products, it is also our goal to educate students about their ongoing puberty and menstruation. This would fill existing knowledge gaps and ensure a reduction in stigmatization.

L. Weiß
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About this project

It is our goal to provide schoolgirls with sanitary products and educate students about their ongoing puberty and menstruation.

Therefore, in the last few months our educational team has developed educational resources for the educational classes. These include PowerPoint presentations, which are complemented by take-home informational booklets.
The materials are currently translated into different languages and are already available in the local language, Gujarati, English and German. Also they are free to use and can be downloaded from our website.

At the municipal school 33, where we distribute sanitary napkins, we discovered that students were inadequately taught about and prepared for periods. For example, four out of five schoolgirls assumed that period blood is excreted along with urine. This illustrated the knowledge gap caused by the prevailing taboos and stigmas in our project region.

By providing awareness training, we hope to fill knowledge gaps, provide students with much needed information and advice, and reduce stigmatization.