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Barrier-free toilets on the sports field of 1. FC Rieden

A project from 1. FC Rieden e.V.
in Rieden, Germany

We are planning to build a barrier-free sanitary facility including an angle table at our sports home, so that we can make it easier for wheelchair users and mothers of small children to visit the sports field :)

Martin Hillen
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Who are we?

We are the 1.FC Rieden, an amateur sports club between Nuremberg and Regensburg, with around 900 members.

What is our project?

With the demolition of our Barbecue hut, we are planning more space next to the sports home and would like to build accessible toilets and a changing table there.

Who do we want to help?

On the one hand, we want to make it easier for people with disabilities to access the sports field. Second, we want to give mothers of babies a better way to change their diapers.

What are our steps?

First, our old Barbecue hut has to go so that we have more space. After that, the gravel roads are paved, which currently have to be passed by wheelchair users and prams on the way to the loo, which has long been a thorn in our side. A building extension to the sports home is planned. Everything has to be done there. Lay from flow, through electronics to cables.

Who help?

On the one hand, we need expert support from regional companies, on the other hand, everything that can be done by ourselves is done and processed by our association members, who are happy to make themselves available for such projects at any time in their free time. Without this voluntary support from our members, the project would not be sustainable.

What is our schedule?

We want to finish our project at the end of October at the latest.

What do we need donations for?

Above all, we need donations for the material procurement of the own work on the project. We will also use the donations to pay the supporting regional companies. Maybe in the end there will be a snack for our hard-working helpers;)

Because of the corona pandemic, our small village association will lose 100% of the calculated income for this project. This includes, of course, a lack of audience revenue and a lack of fees for sports courses on offer, as well as funds from sponsorship. The biggest hole in our financial planning, however, is the cancellation of our events such as our two youth cups with over 100 participating teams, our summer party, the Johannisfeuer, the Erdinger Meister-Cup, the ski opening etc.

With this action we hope that this financial hole can be closed somewhat.