Sewing machine for trained 40 poor women

An aid project by “ALTERNATIVE FOR RURAL MOVEMENT” (R. Rana) in Baliapal, India

News: On this page the carrier keeps you informed about the current situation of the project. This helps you judge how the donations are being used.

R. Rana (Project Manager), written 8 months ago

R. Rana

Sewing Machines for trained poor Women

ARM has been conducted tailoring training for 100 poor women in Baliapal Block,Odisha.All the trained women are divorcees,widows,dropouts girls and poorest of the poor .They are belongs to Scheduled Caste & OBC women.After getting one sewing machine one women will earn at least  Rs.200/- per day to maintain their family .They will be very happy and maintain a Board in front of the Shop by writing the name of the donor.

Our request to the donors to save a family by donating a Sewing Machine amounting  Euro 54.

Donate now to save one poor family from acute poverty.

R. Rana (Project Manager), written 8 months ago

R. Rana


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Project contact address:

Alternative for Rural Movement (ARM)










Objectives of the Project:


Ø To enhance computer training opportunity to students of Govt. High Schools and poor unemployed girls in remote Baliapal block.


Ø To provide computer training to 18 teachers and 300 students of 6 Govt. high Schools and 150 poor girls in 3 years


Ø To equip the target poor children with computer operation techniques for up grading their skills for higher studies and facilitate to employment.


Target Children: 150 Girls of High Schools in Baliapal Block


                ii. Village poor unemployed girls:150 poor educated and unemployed girls.


Project Location:


The project is located at Baliapal block in the district of Balasore, Orissa State.INDIA


Current situation of the local people:


The coastal Baliapal block is densely populate by Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Other Backward Caste people. The principal occupations of the people are agriculture and fishing, 60% of the target community are small and marginal farmers, 25% are fisher folk. Depending on monsoon agriculture paddy and groundnut in winter are the principal crops that helps them to provide food security for 150-200 days in a year. In the lean period they migrate to other areas as labour wage earner. As a result of ARM’s initiatives more than 300 women Self Help Groups and 750 small business groups have been promoted in the targeted location. This initiative has strengthened the social and economic condition of people above the poverty line. However the average annual family income of a family based on agriculture and allied activities is about Rs.12000/- and a fishing family is about Rs.15000. ARM’s commitment towards promotion of education among children of SHG members has been strengthened during the last 7/8 years. And most of the target children under this project belong SHG and micro business families of ARM. Women trafficking, girl child marriage, dowry death, atrocities on women are existing in this areas. Through SHG movement ARM has been striving successfully to sensitize community, empower women and children with their rights.


      Short-term and long-term Objectives



The short term goals of the project is to provide computer education facilities to 300 students of 6 Govt. Schools, 150 poor unemployed girls from remote villages and empowerment them with knowledge and skill that help them in higher education in future and create employment opportunity. In this connection we plan to run a mobile computer course with 6 computer sets and 2 teachers. Each year the mobile unit will cover 2 schools for providing training to 2 teachers and 100 students of class IX & X. Teachers will conduct classes for 2 hours with 6 computers in one school for once a week. One student will get help an hour for training in a day for 12 months. Thus one student will get training facility for 48 hours. A total number of 2 teachers and 100 students of 2 schools will get such training opportunity in a year. Besides this 50 poor unemployed girls will get computer education for 12 months every year. ARM will provide 2 computers for the mobile computer unit.



Advocacy and lobbying will be done with the teachers, school authority and local Govt. Education Department for introducing computer-training course in remote school at Baliapal block. The trained teachers will be able to conduct computer-training class after withdrawal of the project support. ARM has experience and credential in advocacy and lobbying with students, teachers, schools and Govt. Education Department in connection with dissemination of model education approach through organizing teachers training of Govt. School Teachers.ARM will also provide regular computer training to poor unemployed girls for their skill development which will help them to get employment opportunity.


Project duration: 3 Years


Current status of the Project:

It is a new project adopted during implementation of Model Education Approach, through model education center and scholarship support to poor and meritorious students including computer education to 50 students. The positive feedback of ARM’s initiative for promotion of education among underprivileged children and successful advocacy and lobbying with all stakeholders including Govt. Education Department, the demand of computer education had been raised from the existing students of higher classes.


In the target schools the existing project implementation committees (by incorporating student monitors, teacher and parent’s representatives, member of school authority) will function for the newly proposed project, which is the brainchild of the Donor members.


The impact of computer education of last years had also yield good impact among students.


Expected Project Impact:


Literacy: Computer literacy among target 300 students will increase the learning demand of other students.It will also replicate to other interested schools.


Employment: The class X passed 150 unemployed girl students with computer DTP training course will get employment opportunity in the district and outside .The trained passed out students may undergo further advanced training on computer, internet at their own cost.


Health: During training session the target students will be provided practicing task on health and hygiene information. This will help to upgrade their knowledge on reproductive health, preventive measures of water born diseases, HIV/AIDS/ STD etc.


Culture: Through dissemination of information on health issues from trained students to family members, other students, villagers the traditional unhygienic cultural practices will be changed.


Other consequences: The local Govt. Education department will be influenced through advocacy and lobbying and computer education course will be provided in schools.


Monitoring and Evaluation


Monitoring and evaluation are essential components of the project. Internal monitoring is proposed to be undertaken by the project staff and Donor members. It is proposed to have monthly review meeting to monitor the progress of the project . The technique of financial sanction and release of funds will be used to assess the progress of the project. The external monitoring is expected to be carried out by the support agency, at frequent intervals convenient to it. Mid-course corrections, if found necessary on the monitoring, will be made in consultation with the approval of the donor agency.


It is proposed to have half yearly evaluation of the project internally by the project staff and donor members and final evaluation by an independent agency. The agency would be identified on the basis of its track record. In addition the funding agency may also have its own evaluation. The evaluation report will also be used to bring about changes of any in the project implementation strategy in the subsequent phases.





All the accounts and financial transactions of the project will be subject to independent audited by a reputed licensed Chartered Accountant or any other Auditor as stipulated by Donor Agency on an annual basis. The lapses or objectives or deviation pointed out by the auditor will be reconciled and resolved as per norms prescribed by the funding agency and the Executive committee of ARM.


Additional 2 computers of the organization which are installed at ARM campus will be used for computer training for class X passed poor girls who have discontinued their further study. The said 2 teachers will provide training to at least 150 girls within the project period. So the total direct beneficiaries students of the project will be 450 in 3 years.




BUDGET (Year wise break up)

1st Year:Rs. 6,40,000/-

2nd Year: Rs.5,40,000/-

3rd Year: Rs. 5,50,000/-


Total: Rs. 17,30,000/-


Details Budgets are available for ready dispatch.




      Coordinating Member





Promote our activities through cooperation and encourage our volunteers to serve rural poor.
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