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Funded Free videoconferences and online-seminars

Darmstadt, Germany

Many are in need of digital tools to continue their work. For meetings, online-seminars and conferences we are offering an easy-to-use, privacy preserving IT-solution for free.

Lukas Laufenberg from Computerwerk Darmstadt e.V. | 
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About this project

Many initiatives are in need of digital communication tools to continue their work right now. Be it meetings, online-seminars or conferences - reliable, cheap and privacy preserving products are hard to find. As a digital organisation we want to offer NGOs and individuals that can be used freely without worries about privacy.
This project is set out for continuation until the end of the year, with the possibility of further extension if neccessary.
Funding will be used to rent or buy it infrastructure in trustworthy datacenters in germany which ideally should run with renewable energy. Also expenses for services shall be covered. To repair and improve our own server capacities we will buy spare parts or new IT-components from time to time.
For important tasks lasting a limited time we will be paying allowances to individuals inside or outside our organisation, most of our work is done voluntarily.
Furthermore there can be expenses for accompanying measures, additional costs or advertisement.
Updated at 03. August 2020