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Funded Library Bus [Bibliobus] - Education on wheels

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For many people in the rural areas of Benin the access to education is difficult, often miles away. Donate now to support the NGO LEMP to run the Bibliobus project that will visit rural schools to open up new horizons to young people.

Christina B. from Aid by Trade Foundation – Cotton made in Africa Write a message

Schools in the rural areas of Benin are often poorly equipped. An inadequate command of both the native tongue and the official language of French show how serious the situation is. As a result, acquiring or improving job skills, e.g. to get better jobs or to qualify for professional training in the agricultural sector, is as good as impossible and people in these areas are hardly in a position to improve their living conditions unaided. In order to tackle this problem, the Bibliobus project will be launched aiming, in a playful and pedagogical way, to advance education by getting children and young people interested in books and reading.

Together with the Aid by Trade Foundation, YOU can support the Bibliobus project at, and thus help children improve their language skills and obtain a higher level of education. Through your donation ths Bibliobus can start its pilot phase and you help children of Benin improve their living conditions in the long run.

The Bibliobus project will be implemented in different districts (Cobly, Kérou, Kouandé, Péhunco, matter, Djougou) in northern Benin. Up to 90 schools will take part. At special events, children will first receive books of their choice in order to discover individual interests and develop personal tastes. In a second phase a more stational system will be established.

As part of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Coeducation, (Coton pour l´éducation au Benin) development institutions and the Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF) and Benin’s Association for Cotton Industry (ICA) have taken various measures to increase the number of school-leavers with a diploma or qualification in six municipalities of the northern districts of Atacora and Donga.

By furthermore cooperating with the Beninese NGO LEMP (Lumière sur les Enseignements Maternel et Primaire), which is to help carry out the Bibliobus project, not just educational, but also cultural development for the children is to be provided. The library bus will visit the schools on a regular basis. In addition, school libraries will be set up. This social project is considered essential with regard to developing cultural awareness and strengthening local identification. Children should be helped on their way towards becoming adults who will step into the professional world with knowledge and confidence. Through the Bibliobus, the following four goals are to be achieved: (i) expanding the students’ vocabulary, (ii) improving language skills, (iii) promoting interest in school and job training, and (iv) increasing the proportion of female pupils.

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