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Funded Ndoto Zetu Akademic week

Nairobi , Kenya

The Akademic Week will bring focus on bringing the kids and the youth in Dandora to learn and be part of the intended societal change,the project will contain daily various activities that will aid in the achievement of the set goals

Rose Ndinda Mutua from Southern Network for Environment and Development | 
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About this project

The project is located in Dandora, Nairobi, Kenya. Dandora is known for the largest
Waste dump in East Africa .The people were first deprived of their land. Over years they were successively poisoned. Waste companies financed by upstream and development funds less usable resources are now arriving in Dandora, which means that sources of income and leads to further impoverishment.
It is in this environment that the work of Ndoto Zetu begins, which in English means "our dream".
Ndoto Zetu has the vision, dignity and self-respect of the slum dwellers and workers on the garbage dump. The initiative comes from street children (chokora) on the garbage dump who have decided that a change in society is needed: in particular they want prevent other children from having to go through what they had experienced, especially the loss of people and the loss of their own dignity as slum dwellers  and Garbage workers.
The aim of Ndoto Zetu is to teach the children life skills, to give them opportunities and to provide a platform to show and identify their talents and keep them busy at the same time.
Most children have faded at the dumpsite. They preferred to collect plastic or scrapmetal,to sell it and get a few coins. This has led many children to Dropping out of school and taking drugs.Ndoto Zetu is  aware of the dangers by poisoning, disease and crime. Ndoto Zetu has 40 children, who are are enrolled to be gathered around themselves, to participate in cultural and community projects 
Ndoto Zetu is planning an Academic Week in August, during which the children have their school holidays.
The Academic Week project is led by Ndoto Zetu children and is supported by Ndoto Zetu management team. The project aims to provide the residents of Dandora with offering  solutions for environmental problems, teaching in schools and everyday skills,especially for children and young people
During the week the following programs will take place :
1.Customer Bora Training deals with waste recycling.
2.Tree Nursery and flowering deals with greening. 
3.Clean up means cleanliness and hygiene in the center of attention. 
4.The Film Therapy Session creatively addresses mental challenges. 
5.Working with the Rachel Device strengthens the technical innovation competence.
The children and young people will create the project days themselves and carry them into the residential areas.
themselves acquire technical and methodological competence. You will experience what it is like to have your own
To formulate dreams and goals and how to realize them. In addition, a platform for the Exchange with adults (parents and teachers) created. In direct exchange with the community through the projects, an awareness of the possibilities for change is created in the community and Community in which Ndoto Zetu is active. The effect goes far beyond the mediation of education out. A dialogue process in the slum is achieved starting with the children and young people.

Updated at 07. October 2020