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Let us collect for help an old, blind oma

A project from Babushka Adoption Foundation
in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Babushka Adoption Charity Foundation was created in 1999 in post-Soviet country Kyrgyzstan to help needy elderly people. For 20 years we try to collect financial assistance to provide poor old people with a financial and humanitarian help.

Eliza Mandieva
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Stories of our grandmothers' fates, repeatedly prove that poverty and need can come to everyone. Let us, young and energetic, help them a little - so that when we become old, God will also be kind to us ...

Zhoroeva Alima, was born in Marghun village in a family with many children, where 10 children were growing. She worked at "Comintern" collective farm. In 1973, her father allowed her to study and she entered the Kyrgyz State University at the Kyrgyz language and literature faculty.

Babushka Alima worked at the school for a long time after graduation. More than once she was elected to the rural district Kenesh.

However, in 1990 babushka became completely blind. Doctors diagnosed retinal detachment of the left and right eyes. In 1993, she received the disability of the first group.

At the moment babushka lives alone, she has no children. She never got married. She lives on disability allowance.

Babushka Alima turned to Babushka Adoption Foundation for help herself. Loneliness, blindness and despair forced her to apply for help from the Foundation, about which she had heard a lot.

If you have an opportunity to help grandmother Alima a little, you can take part in charity program of "Babushka Adoption" Public Charitable Foundation and change her destiny for the better (the total money sum of help does not exceed 15 euros per month). More information about the program can be found on the Foundation's official website