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Save sailing ship Fortuna - SOS due to Covid 19

Hamburg, Germany

Corona-related cancellations have put the sailing ship Fortuna in financial difficulties. Save the Fortuna so that special children can once again experience special experiences like this one on board!

S. Tapella from Benita Quadflieg Stiftung
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Without Corona, the 39.5-metre-long traditional sailing ship named Fortuna would provide many special people with beautiful, enriching hours on board in the Danish South Sea. Unfortunately, all statutory cruises had to be cancelled already in 2020, i.e. no class trips by special schools, no therapeutic sailing holidays and no trips for chronically ill children. It is uncertain whether these trips will be possible again in 2021. What other trips will be allowed is also uncertain.

In order to survive, Fortuna is dependent on donations.

We would like to collect part of the necessary money via this donation platform and at the same time show how diverse this project is and how many people care about it. 

We have divided the amount into smaller donation amounts and assigned a Fortuna sailing experience to each amount. We therefore ask you to donate to "Fortuna-Törnerlebnisse". Donate individually or as a team! 

For each "sailing experience" we will upload a photo on the "Fortuna-retten! page" and show the respective donors. We would therefore be delighted if you included your name with your donation or even sent us a photo of you (on the Fortuna?) to

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