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Help Burned Children in Russia

Berlin, Germany

Hilfeverein AdVita supports severely burned children at Speransky Hospital, Moscow. Burns rate third as cause of trauma and mortality in Russia. We raise funds to pay for work of a play specialist and to purchase advanced dressings for burn treatment

Mikhail Kazbekov from Hilfeverein AdVita e.V.
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Help Burned children in Russia
Our project is aimed at helping children affected by severe burns, undergoing treatment at Speransky Children's Burn Center in Moscow.

Unfortunately, burns occur in Russia about four times more often than in Western Europe due to social factors, lack of a safe environment and burn prevention. Surgical burn treatment is provided at a good level, but the state does not have funds for social and psychological rehabilitation. Psycho-social support is vital for the affected children, especially in the event of changed appearance or loss of family members. The rehabilitation program that we are conducting together with a partner organization Children’s Hospital Fund in Moscow was developed and approved by the European Burn Association, but there are not enough funds to pay for the work of a play specialist (art therapist). With the necessary funding (€580 a month) this employee can work in the burn department, as well as organize burn camps and clubs after the discharge of the burn victims from the hospital. 
The project also includes purchasing burn dressing Suprathel®. This synthetic burn dressing is produced in Germany and is rated as one of the most advanced skin substitutes in the world. Using Suprathel® significantly improves cosmetic results, prevents painful dressing changes and skin-grafting surgeries with anesthesia. Unfortunately Russian burn clinics cannot afford it because of its comparatively high price - €350 per child.
To pay for the work of a play specialist we need €7,000 per year (€583 per month).  
To buy Suprathel® for treatment of 20 severely burned children we need to raise €7,000 (€350 per child). 
The total amount required for the project Help Burned children in Russia” is 14,000 Euro per year.
Any financial support would be greatly appreciated. We need people who are ready to help raise funds for our project, we need contacts of potential sponsors and partners. We also need ideas and helpers in organizing charity events. 
Please contact us. Together we will surely be able to help severely burned children and their families. 
We will be happy to answer your questions.