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Project Kasakunda

A project from KUNE e.V.
in Brikama, Gambia

Especially the poorest countries in the world have nothing to counteract the corona effects. Due to the closure of the schools, the children often lack the only meal of the day. With your donations we want to help over 2500 people directly on site!

Maren Handwerk
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We are a Bremen-based association that helps people on the run and in their countries of origin directly on site. In Kasakunda, a village with about 2,500 inhabitants in Gambia, we have started a small transport company together with the representatives of the village, which creates jobs. Due to the lock-down everything is now at a standstill, i.e. the schools and markets are closed and nobody can work anymore. The consequence is that the children are missing what is usually the only meal of the day, the farmers can no longer sell their products at the markets and only the supermarkets are open, which nobody can afford. With our donations we would like to help to bridge this time and enable the purchase of food.