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Help us to get a wheelchair for FIFI

Trikala, Greece

Help us to get a wheelchair for FIFI

Trikala, Greece

FIFI - She needs a wheelchair for a better life!

Doris from TierInsel - Umut Evi e.V.  | 
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About this project

Help us get FIFI a new wheelchair!

FIFI is about 4 years old, very kind and full of life. Her back legs are paralyzed due to an early trauma. She was most likely mistreated, but she found a way to not lose her joy in life.

Currently, FIFI is living in Trikala and is wishfully waiting for a fitting home. Due to her paralysis, she needs a new wheelchair.  The one she has now is home-made, and therefore too heavy for her to pull. It also doesn't ensure that her back paws don't scrape on the ground. We want to give FIFI a properly fitted wheelchair, so that she can walk freely.

The cost for the wheelchair from the company Walkin' Wheels comes to a total of
€ 532.00 and is broken down in the following way:

Wheelchair                                               € 359.00
Neoprene Vest (wheelchair harness)     €  49,00
Air tires                                                     €  59.00
Assembly kit for the tires                        €  10.00
Case for the legs                                      €  55.00

This wheelchair will considerably help FIFI's everyday life. Her back legs would be protected and is good for her whole body. She would gain a whole new quality of life! Also, her chances of adoption would be greatly increased, if she already had her own wheelchair.

Please help us! Every amount will help us achieve our goal of gifting FIFI a new wheelchair and a better life!!
Updated at 23. May 2020